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Secondary Glazing for Sash Windows

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Enjoy the luxury of Glass Shutters, an innovative secondary glazing that preserves the character of your traditional sash windows.  As well as maintaining warmth, Glass Shutters can also reduce condensation.

The frameless hinged panels fit within the staff beads and are easily opened to allow access to the window.  By choosing an appropriate style, the panel divisions can be made to coincide with the glazing bars.  This minimizes the visual impact from inside while making the Glass Shutters virtually invisible from the outside.

For safety, the glass panels must be toughened and for maximum warmth, low-emissivity glass should be used.  This has an invisible coating on the exterior face which allows light to pass through but reflects heat trying to leave the room.

Styles Available
Glass Shutters for Sash Windows - Standard Shutter


single vertical panel hinged on left
or right

Glass Shutters for Sash Windows - Monarch Shutter


double vertical panels
(separate panels or bi-folding panels
hinged on left or right)

Glass Shutters for Sash Windows - Majestic Shutter


triple vertical panels
(bi-folding panels on left or right)

Glass Shutters for Sash Windows - Regent Shutter


quadruple vertical panels
(two sets of bi-folding panels)

The Standard and bi-folding Monarch styles can be used where the Simplex Easy Clean system is installed.  In this system, the staff bead at one side of the window is removable allowing the lower sash to swing in like a door.  The Glass Shutters can be attached at the other side.

Please note that, depending on your location and property type, Glass Shutters may be subject to Planning Permission.

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